Sunday, December 6, 2009

**krista's belly** {maternity pics}

okay, here's a couple of facts for you... 1) it was FREEZING outside today 2)having your two yr old paint on your belly is SO MUCH FUN! (actually i should say, watching a two year old paint on their mom's tummy is so much fun!) and 3) krista has the cutest belly IMAGINABLE! i was so excited to get home and get these on the computer (thanks to andy for watching the little guy so i could get straight to them!!!) SO MUCH FUN today with the kenyon family! thanks guys for letting me join in and for making it such a wonderful shoot! belly paint = totally cool & totally krista's idea! by the way, they are having a little girl!!! there are a ton of really awesome pics, but here's a few to take a peek at...

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