Saturday, October 23, 2010

**a&d** {engagement}

andy is an old friend from way back in high school, through college, and now he's found himself a lady! diana is PERFECT for andy... they are so much fun! you can clearly see their love for one another in the way they interact. they'd laugh together, then laugh at each other, then we'd all make fun of andy together ;). diana works at starbucks so we had to throw that in, and then spent the rest of our time venturing through downtown tacoma. both of them claimed to be un-photogenic but they're beautiful, aren't they! diana was more excited about our shoot than andy was... luckily we were able to make andy a little more enthusiastic by getting him a chocolate cupcake ;). congrats you two and many blessings for a life long love story!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography