Monday, December 6, 2010

**ryann** {1 year}

little ryann is one year old! wow, time flies! it seems like just yesterday that i went out to the farm to snap some shots of her! click here.

let me start by saying that kelly is an AWESOME MOM! i love when people aren't afraid to get a little dirty for the sake of a good picture... or in this case, get their kid a little dirty ;). kelly made a fabulous giant birthday cupcake that we let ryann dig in to. she was hilarious! seriously. at first she didn't want to dig in and get her hands dirty, but eventually gave it her all ;)!

also, kelly & mitch are engaged! very exciting! so we had to sneak a romantic pic in there too! and they have the cutest flower girl lined up ;).

enjoy guys!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography