Saturday, February 26, 2011

**leritz** {family}

some of the toughest ladies i know are ranger wives. amy would be included in that! it's not an easy job to be married to a soldier, raise 3 kids (often alone), and still look good doing it... yet, amy pulls it off perfectly! makes me a little sick! ;)

despite the BITTER cold this morning, we ventured out. we were brave. the kids were brave. and after about 20 minutes the kids gave up, there were a lot of tears, and well... we ended up with a warm car full of kids, and an opportunity to grab some beautiful shots of mom & dad! then, what do you do on a cold day in the seattle area.... you go to starbucks! so that's what we did! it was a perfect end with smiles, warm cups, and happy kids!

blessings leritz family on your next adventure! thanks for letting me capture your beautiful gang before you go!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography