Sunday, March 13, 2011

**cameron** {6 mo}

little c was way too cute! him, mom, "monkey", and "sofie" the giraffe, all came by for an early morning shoot. cameron is such a cuddle bug... he wanted to stay close to mom, but we pulled a few tricks and were able to grab some adorable shots of him not in mommy's arms ;). mom came prepared with this fantastically cute hat & c is definitely working on getting some chompers and was like a leaking facet... i thought it was super cute, so i had to keep it in the pics! it captures 6 months perfectly! what a doll! i think football may be in his future because he is one big boy! i asked his mom if she wanted me to carry him in the car seat on the way in, and oh boy... let's just say, i need to be doing some more bicep curls! :)

thanks guys! enjoy!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography