Monday, April 1, 2013

**Bryant** {family}

recently i was told that i needed to start taking it easy on my body so i decided that this would need to be my last session till after baby... and what a session!

the bryant family is BEAUTIFUL inside and out!  momma works at our church and dad is an army soldier who just returned home from war.  and little g is just about as cute as you can get!  he is such a sweet little guy, though he didn't seem to be too interested in my jokes and songs ;).

in the nw you never know about the weather, but this last weekend was like SUMMER!  it was so beautiful out and the sunlight was perfect.  and even though we ran into a snake during the session (and i screamed like a little girl) everything turned out just right!  so excited to have been able to capture this family before they head off to their next adventure!  blessings bryants!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography