Monday, May 27, 2013

**memorial day** {2013}

today is quite a day for our family.  first and foremost we remember our fallen who gave their lives willingly to protect ours.  we have lost many brothers in our ranger and special forces families over the years and we will never forget their sacrifices.  we are so thankful to those who volunteer to walk in the valley of the shadow of death.  may God bless America.

today is also my amazing mother's birthday.  she is the most selfless person i've ever met.  i pray that i am at least half the mother and grandma she is- always giving and never expecting anything in return.  she always amazes me.

lastly, today we celebrate and remember a very special person in my life.  my dear friend Lise Marie Palmer and her beautiful little girl Faith Marie.  they were taken from us 2 years ago in a tragic accident and we will never forget her love for life, her energy, her laugh, and mostly her love for the Lord.  see you in heaven my friend.

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