Friday, September 17, 2010

**rivas** {family}

BEAUTIFUL family. inside & out. period. we love the rivas gang! they are currently in houston (lucky texas) and all of us here miss them so much. misty is a power mom, who always has it together, calm & cool. totally a natural. and mark is the most caring ranger i think i have ever met. and not to mention their adorable girls! i've included what i call the "many faces of big sis 'o'". she is a hoot! they got me laughing to hard, it was a fabulous ab workout. thanks guys!!!!

also little sis "i" is wearing one of my new FABULOUS head bands from the always lovely Sarah Crea with tu tu bella designs. if you don't have hair accessories from her... you are the only one in the world! it is the IT thing! she doesn't know this yet, but i am about to buy a couple for me! they are perfectly chic!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography