Saturday, October 9, 2010

**alexandra & gabriella** {newborn}

twins! i'm always so amazed when i see little twins! double the miracle!!! sweet little alex & gabby were a little over 5 lbs each when they were born and are still just these adorable, little, precious, baby girls! ahh, couldn't get enough of them! mom, dad, and big sis all joined in on the action, of course, and we made it a fun morning. thank goodness auntie was there too to lend us some extra hands because the work is never done with twins! i'm pretty sure they also win the award for best sleeping babies i've ever photographed. WOW. i mean, they were great. we moved them, we moved them again, and moved them some more... all while they slept the morning away. thanks family for letting me be part of your newborn experience! blessings!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography