Tuesday, October 12, 2010

**hofner** {family}

i don't even know where to start! first, let me explain that amanda scheduled this shoot in april hoping all these months that the weather would cooperate! well, it didn't. rain, rain, and more rain. we were doomed... or were we?! it was looking like it was clearing up but still a little ify. i prayed in my car, like i do before every session, that the Lord would stop the rain for just 1 hour while we took pictures so we could capture some great images for the hofner family. and sure enough! it stopped raining for exactly 1 hour while we did our shoot and then started pouring right as we finished! thank you God!

second, right as we showed up all of the ducks from decoursey came to greet us. along with this crazy white goose! it wouldn't leave us alone. jesse (dad) claims this goose attacked him several years back, but i can not confirm or deny that ;). it wanted to pick on us and get in all of our pictures... i think he just wanted to make my blog... so i had to include one of mr goose!

third, how beautiful is this family! more twin fun for me and a great afternoon with a fabulous family! we had a lot of laughs and got some really great shots! thanks hofners! enjoy!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography