Monday, October 18, 2010

**ava** {12 mo}

little ava is back! and she keeps getting cuter and cuter! you might remember her from her 8 month pictures and her signature baby blue eyes! ahh, i can't get enough of them! mom & dad wanted to meet down at the pumpkin patch so that's what we did! i have never been to the pumpkin patch on a sunny weekend day... so let me tell you a little bit about my first experience.

1) i thought there was an accident on the way there because there was a LONG line of backed up cars for miles. there was no accident. they were all for the pumpkin patch!

2) apparently there needs to be a police officer on duty to direct traffic for such occasions.

3) people were parking in the parking lot, the extra parking lot, the extra extra parking lot, along the streets, next to abandoned buildings, and random dirt locations close by.

4) if you want a wheelbarrow, you have to get there early. i image it must be like the morning after thanksgiving. maybe people were lined up at sunrise for their pick of a teal or forest green wheels.

with all that said, it was actually a lot of fun being around all those fall lovin' folks! everyone was just out enjoying themselves and the wonderful attractions and food that spooners has to offer. i had a fantastic time, traffic and all!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography