Wednesday, October 20, 2010

**workshop- shoot #1** {tonya joy}

i don't even know where to start! i am totally blessed. totally. first that i get to be a stay at home mommy, and second that during my "spare" time, i get to be a photographer! and lastly, because i got to go to tonya's workshop! AMAZING. it was a lot of fun. the second you step in the door, you are greeted with the smell of warm artichoke dip, beautiful red velvet cupcakes, and fabulous antique decor. and at your seat... a beautiful notebook and folder all with your name so nicely written on it! i was head over heals!

let me start with tonya. wow! what a woman. humble & generous. not only is she a completely talented photographer, but she is a wife and mother of 4 kids. and she's still totally sane, happy, organized, and loving! the whole time i was thinking to myself... how does she do it?! her kids are adorable, her and her husband are so beautiful it makes you a little sick ;), and her house is perfectly, vintaged out! ugh... fly up to washington tonya and style my house! PLEASE!

the workshop was so inspiring and informative. there were several times i thought, "why the heck don't i do that!?" there were 16 other amazing women who joined me and we all got a chance to pick tonya's brain. i learned some great tips and techniques, but mostly tonya helped me understand who i am as a photographer. we had two shoots filled with some BEAUTIFUL people, who were all diddied up by a couple of REALLY TALENTED ladies on hair and makeup. i got great shots and walked away confident and excited to bring back what i learned and experienced.

i also got to see my family! aunt pat and uncle bill let me stay in their house, use their car, eat their food, and the list goes on! it was WAY too short of a stay but so much fun to see them and catch up. my cousins never fail to crack me up and leave me with hilarious stories to bring home. thanks guys! and mike, my votes for you buddy. "chock-taw is it?"

so here are some of my favorite shots from our first shoot and more to come later... after a little shut eye ;)

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