Monday, March 28, 2011

**workshop** {post 2- location 1}

again, i have to start by sharing how blessed i am. i mean really. my hubby's words, "God disrupted the spring weather system predicted to give you a dry day for the workshop." which is totally true! it was suppose to be ify... i was nervous. i had worked so long and hard on this day... but it was beautiful! the weather was fantastic, the models were wonderful, the attendees were fabulous, and we had such a blessed day.

we started out with lunch and then discussed all kinds of camera topics. then it was off to our styled shoot that i had put together. the first location was inspired by the song "don't sit under the apple tree" by glen miller. i've always loved that song and it's on my website so what could have been a better theme?! i also wanted to do a WWII themed shoot because the love of my life serves in the military and because i am passionate about this beautiful country and it's history. it's also special to me because our family recently lost my dad's uncle who was 90. he was a WWII & korean war veteran. he was also a POW and a very special man. this shoot is dedicated to him and his sacrifices. john 15:13 "greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends"

i was fortunate enough to know a couple of really beautiful people who were willing to get dressed up for me and be our subjects. taylor was perfectly vintaged out, and cj was sporting an authentic WWII uniform on loan from the 2nd ranger battalion. that is also near and dear to our hearts. RLTW!

here's a few to peek at and more, oh so much more to come!!!!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography