Saturday, May 21, 2011

**daniel & vee**

daniel is my cousin. he's kind of like a brother though. you see, his dad and my dad are brothers. his mom and my mom are sisters. i have a lot of really great memories growing up with daniel. he even came to live with us when we moved to washington. now daniel is marrying vee! we totally approve of her ;) and are excited to have her be part of the family. she's beautiful, sassy, fun, friendly, and very thoughtful. there are not that many people that justus will walk right up to and give a big "squeeze" hug!

they are one of my weddings this summer and picked the very special date of 9.10.11! our family is in california so we are excited that this will bring some visitors up our way and bring some more fun family memories! can't wait for the big day you two!

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