Thursday, May 5, 2011

**pinger** {family}

the pingers came to visit! lindsey is a dear old friend... junior high, high school, college, and the years keep coming! i have so many fond memories of us screaming out our favorite songs in our dorm room, or instant messaging each other (3 ft away) for the fun of it.... we were REALLY cool ;). and then she met brian.... awe.... ;)

the pingers live on the other side of the mountain and came over for a visit and family pictures! what a fun time! even though little landon didn't really want anything to do with me ;). we headed to van lierups and snapped a few shots before coming back and making brian change into his uniform. he's going to kill me BUT... you are looking at the POLICEMAN OF THE YEAR for the CWU police department! wow! such a cool thing- we had to get some of him lookin' all professional- per his mother's orders! :)

then after all the seriousness, we ended with some "extreme wagoning". brian took the boys for a fun ride. justus was a little nervous at first, but eventually didn't want the ride to end. thanks gang. love ya!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography