Wednesday, June 15, 2011

**mitch & kelly** {wedding}

i love mitch and kelly. they are like peanut butter and jelly or ice cream and chocolate syrup. they go perfect together. they are both wonderful people and i always enjoy myself when i spend time with them. they are past clients of mine and it was such an honor to capture their big day. if you were wondering if they make cute babies, YES they do! little ryann, whom i've shot before, is their little one and just about the cutest thing west of the mississippi.

mitch & kelly chose rock creek gardens for their venue and the ram catering for the food. it was a perfect day, evening, and ceremony. they exchanged vows and did a wooden box tradition as part of the wedding. never heard of it before? me neither! but as they were describing it to me, i started to tear up! prior to the ceremony they each wrote a love letter to the other explaining why they loved them and why they were getting married. they sealed the letters in envelopes. during the ceremony they placed the letters in the wooden box along with wine and wine glasses and nailed the box closed. then what?! well here's the best part... they have vowed to keep that box closed till their 25th wedding anniversary or... if their marriage should ever reach a point where things get really tough and they need some hope, they will open the box and read the letters. in hopes that it will remind one another of why they got married in the first place. LOVE IT! just love it!

congrats mitch & kelly! you guys make a beautiful couple and here's to opening that box 25 years from now! blessings!

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