Monday, June 20, 2011

**mom & dad** {father's day}

for a while now my mom has been saying that she wanted to get some nice pictures of her and my dad with justus. so i took a weekend off to schedule time for them... since they are family and all ;). we recently gave my dad a vw thing for his 60th birthday and on father's day he put it in our church's car show at Bethany Baptist Church. after we picked up the car, we drove down for our family shoot. it's a work in progress and we'll probably have to do another photo shoot when it's all prettied up. for now, it's a little rough around the edges, but it sure is fun to ride in. justus loves "pa's car" and likes to push all the buttons. we get in it and he pretends to drive me to the zoo every time. i love watching him honk the horn, steer the wheel, and even shift! who knows, maybe "pa" will pass down the thing to little j once he's all grown up. hint hint ;). here's a few of my family. as crazy as they are, they are pretty rad. here's to the best parents in the world! happy father's day!

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