Sunday, July 24, 2011

**jack & logan** {newborn}

double the duty, double the love! these sweet peas are just about as cute as they come! wow! holding these little guys brought back all of my memories holding my little man. they were so tiny and warm. i couldn't get enough!!! AND momma was such a trooper. seriously! that woman has got it goin' on! not only did she come looking FABULOUS, she was prepared. she had them feeding at the same time, changing one then the other, back and forth, back and forth... i was in awe. the work that goes into twins is incredible. but the love is twice as much too! big brother came for a little bit and was able to jump in a few pictures. thankfully oma was here to help out and entertain :).

the room temp was about a billion degrees and we worked our hind parts off, but it's all worth it! they totally rocked it and we were able to get some fantastically adorable shots!


© Sarah Fuccillo Photography