Thursday, July 21, 2011

**linderman** {family}

wow! i was so excited to shoot this fun family. why you ask? the lindermans are some of our best friends. they are practically our neighbors and well, heather and i have a friendship that dates back to the beginning of 7th grade. yes. the awkward years.

today heather is one hot momma! she found herself a wonderful man 6 yrs ago, popped out a few babies ;), and tada! i give you the linderman family. aren't they over the top adorable!?

heather, like me, is a stay at home mommy & photography fan. her and i started to cook up some ideas for their family shoot and she decided she wanted to go with a tea party theme. during the last couple of weeks she has been working her hind parts off during naps and bedtime to pull off this wonderful shoot. some might say she went over the top ;), but i think it was just right! from the tea set to the banner. from the cupcakes to the painted table and chairs. from the outfits to the daisies. heather thought of everything.

so blessed to know the lindermans. so blessed to be their friends, neighbors, and part of their family. thanks for the work out gang! love you guys!

special thanks to laural creek gardens for allowing us to shoot at their amazing venue! what a beautiful place. and the staff... super friendly!

oh and special thanks to "ga ga" for putting on a show behind the lens so we could capture those sweet faces!

© Sarah Fuccillo Photography