Sunday, March 10, 2013

**the cuthredibles** {family}

i am BEYOND EXCITED to share this session with you.  there are several reasons why!  1) beautiful michelle is SO SPECIAL to me.  we've spent deployment time together, she is a sister in Christ, she amazes me with her energy and love, and she has blessed our family lots of times during difficult circumstances.  2) her wonderful husband has served with mine, they have spent time in the Iraqi desert together and in the snowy Afghanistan mountains.  3) her boys are too cute for words, and we were prego at the same time which made it so much more fun!  4) and last but not least, they are in the business of saving lives.... literally

the amazing cuthrell family recently announced that they will be adopting a sweet little lad from China!!!  what an incredible or "cuthredible" BLESSING!  not only will they be so blessed welcoming their new little boy home, but this little guy is being welcomed into one of the most loving, Christ filled families i know!

michelle started a private blog "the cuthredibles" to keep friends and family posted on their adoption journey as well as info on some fun fundraisers they are doing.  their theme... super heros!  because super man was adopted they have been calling their special little guy their "super man"- so fitting right!  but because it's michelle, she took it a step further.  she designed t shirts to sell "future super heros await" to raise money to bring AJ (they just announced his name!) home.  i am so glad i got to be part of it!  we went out to capture their family as they are now, some special photos for AJ to see, pictures of AJ's super hero cape to announce his name, and photos of the t shirts they will be selling for their fundraiser!  so fun!  so exciting!  i couldn't stop smiling after leaving the shoot... i can't wait to see what God has in store for this future SUPER family!!!!

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