Thursday, March 21, 2013

**spring mini** {sessions}

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who signed up, came out in the COLD wet weather, worked with us to reschedule, and those who were so incredibly understanding if we just weren't able to make it happen!  THANK YOU!

where do i even start?!  we kept our eyes on the weather all week and it kept going back and forth... so we decided to just go for it!  nothing mentioned the WIND that showed up though!  and boy did that throw us a curve ball.  we lost our tents that were covering our sets, which then got soaked, which then got muddy and blown all over, which then we had to gather quickly running around like headless chickens, which ultimately ended up in canceling the afternoon and our husbands having to come pick up the pieces for us ;).  it was crazy!  i can't believe i didn't stop to take a picture (maybe because it was raining cats and dogs and we were running around like mad women) but you would have laughed... at us :).  it was quite a sight.  thankfully we were still able to get some great shots of beautiful people.

thanks to sarah giampapa of chickie momma crafts for being my partner in crime and to my friend jenah for loaning us her yard.  :)


© Sarah Fuccillo Photography